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What is Sciatic pain?


The term Sciatic pain describes a type of radicular pain which travels along the sensory distribution of Sciatic nerve root.   An irritation or inflammation to the  Sciatic nerve will cause leg pain or paresthesia  (tingling, burning or numbness).

Sciatic pain is most often associated with a herniated or a bulging disc. The injured or inflamed disc will put pressure on the exiting nerve root which in turn causes the symptoms to travel down the leg. While sciatic pain is usually limited to either the right or left leg,  in some instances a person may suffer with bilateral leg pain.

Other conditions affecting the spine may also produce sciatic symptoms. Cysts, tumors or a condition known as stenosis can also exert a compressive pressure on the nerve root causing pain to radiate into the lower extremities. In some instances, prolonged or severe pressure on the sciatic nerve root can cause serious permanent damage  resulting in a condition known as “foot drop”.

Sciatic pain must not be ignored. Should you suffer with symptoms of pain, tingling, numbness or burning radiating down your leg, which is often accompanied with low back pain,  seek treatment from your Chiropractor or family physician.


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